Friday, November 1, 2013

Molly's Zoo Birthday

Molly turned 3.            8/17/2013 
I wanted Molly to have a really fun birthday as I do for all the girls, but I had just had Isabelle. Planning one of the usual birthday celebrations was just a little more then my postpartum brain could handle. I remembered a trip we had to the zoo where she got to ride the carousel and talked about it for months. Why did she love it so much? She got to ride a horse. This is the one thing in the world that she loves the most. It started when a work friend gave the girls some toy horses from her now grown girls. Molly immediately loved them and an obsession was born. The vintage "My Little Pony" collection at Grandma Fischers also has had its part in this obsession. She gallops around the house "neighing and blows air out when she's tired" its really hilarious.  So it was obvious a trip to the Zoo to ride the carousel would be a great birthday for her. Then we decided to invite our usual birthday party peeps. This was very fun and easy. The only set back was that her birthday landed on the same Saturday as the county library free day at the Zoo event. Yeah, super busy!! I didn't see very many animals, but Molly being small and sometimes with out manners squeezed in between and saw what she wanted. We unfortunately didn't keep all together as a group. This was impossible with the enormous amount of people. I would however do this again, the kids had a blast and Izzy slept the entire time. I will however check the Zoo event calendar online next time.

 she could have stayed all day on this horse

 sister love
 Teasing PopPop
 Cute as a button Ronan

Miss Brooklyn

Once we were home, she lined up all her new horses. Oh and found a pen to draw on herself.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

4th of July Trip

We traveled to Grayland for our first trip in our new RV Trailer for the 4th of July Week. It was nice to have time off for this, but that also meant I was taking a newborn camping. Having a full hook up trailer is the only way I would do this. She did great and really napped or ate the entire trip. The weather was great, It was only cold and cloudy one day. The girls rode bikes, looked for frogs ( the camp ground was marshy in the back), tried to make friends and be more independent than I was comfortable with. This part stressed me out. Sara is almost 5 and pulling away already. I went to check on them as they wondered off with some older kids. Sara saw me, puts her hand up and says " Mom I'm OK, mom go go". Really? I am not ready for this. For one she has pretty much zero street smarts, and is not getting the whole "stranger danger" idea I have been trying to get across. Sara is also drawn to older kids for some reason. The other issue with this is that Molly does absolutely everything  Sara does. Sorry for that rant, I came away from this vacation completely stressed about this next step of childhood. I need a manual.
 It was nice to get away and see another part of the coast we haven't seen.
We had a nice relaxing Independence Day, Mom and Doug along with Kevin's parents drove up to spend the day. We enjoyed a wonderful fireworks show on the beach. The girls loved it, there was so much to look see.

                                        Molly crashed hard, camping really wares them out
                                              We got visitors, Auntie Karly and Grandma

                                               Keeping the baby out of the sun and wind
                                 The neat and tidy site before we got 2 huge
                                                 motor homes for neighbors

                                   Day after the 4th, Sara made use of the firework trash,
                                                her imagination is vast.
                                                          Westport Ice Cream break


Isabelle Marie (June 3rd, 2013)

On June 3rd we welcomed our third daughter Isabelle Marie. A little peanut she was at 6 lbs 9 oz, compared to her older sisters who weighed in 2 1/2 pounds heavier at birth. She has been a sweet blessing to ours lives. She sleeps awesome and only cries when it is absolutely necessary. It has been a great summer off with my little ladies and look forward enjoying this last few weeks off of work.

                                                       Our first Family of five picture
                                                            Pop Pop Davis & Isabelle
                                                             Daddy & daughter nap time

                                                  Isabelle visiting with her Auntie's & Matt
                                                                    Pop Pop and Rita
                                                Isabelle and her God Parents, Steve & Toni
                                                        Pop Pop and Grandma Fischer
Big sister Sara cuddles
I couldn't find any pictures of my mom with Isabelle, but found this one of her and Molly. Who is so blurry because she never is still especially with Grandma around
Thanks to family and friends who blessed us with help of child care and food. We love you all

Friday, August 2, 2013

The Ocean

I have neglected my blog so long that I have a 10 month old post that has been sitting waiting to be finished.

Our one and only camping trip this last summer 2012 was on labor day. It has been harder and harder to go on these trips. Time is flying and before you know it, it's winter. Mater of fact I am finally finishing these posts in August 2013
This was just an awesome trip for us as a family. The weather was monumentally awesome. When do you get 4 days of warm sunny weather on the Washington coast. This was also Molly's first trip to the ocean. Yeah that's how busy we've been it took 2 years. We flew kites and put our feet in the water, lets not get crazy there was no swimming. Lots of sand playing and rock collecting.
The whole reason we like to camp is the nightly fires. We do this at home also all summer and into the fall.  The girls love to sit with us and get those marshmallows out, they won't eat smore's( yeah I know weird) but they love to make them. Of course my chocolate hound Molly is happy to eat as much as you'll give her or she can find.
Another bonus to our trip is that the girls both slept. Yes!! As a parent this is a blessing while traveling and rare.  I tend to get anxiety at the thought of what the night will bring. This in my opinion made the trip.

We discovered that Molly likes to wonder more than we realized before. She is at the age where she loves to play with her sister and you can leave them be for a few minutes. Well she figured this out. Numerous times we found her walking away with out anyone and with out a care. Talk about freaking out.  On the 2 second day of the trip I took the girls shopping and I happened to find a bracelet with bells-- ding ding. Yep I put a tracking device on my 2 year old ankle. She loves it and is still wearing it 3 months later. I have attempted to removed as it only has 2 bells left, but she wasn't having it. I have now come to rely on those little bells and her location. Come to find out that putting bells on children is common in other countries where baby monitors are not.


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Molly Turns 2

Happy Birthday to our fun, sweet, happy little girl!

Our little fireball is officially 2. After waking up from her post nap haze she jumped into all the activities and had a great party. I don't think she realized this was all for her until we started to sing happy birthday.
Thank you so much for all who came. The kids all got along and played so well together. The weather cooled off just in time to my great relief. We have almost zero shade and it can very quite warm.

 Molly's BFF, Miss Katelyn
 Big sister Sara always willing to help open any present
 Molly wondering why we're all singing at her, she got very shy

 Balloon mania, big hit as a party favor and then I don't have them floating around the house for days or they have to secretly disappear during the night.

Molly going in for seconds, can't deny the birthday girl