Friday, November 1, 2013

Molly's Zoo Birthday

Molly turned 3.            8/17/2013 
I wanted Molly to have a really fun birthday as I do for all the girls, but I had just had Isabelle. Planning one of the usual birthday celebrations was just a little more then my postpartum brain could handle. I remembered a trip we had to the zoo where she got to ride the carousel and talked about it for months. Why did she love it so much? She got to ride a horse. This is the one thing in the world that she loves the most. It started when a work friend gave the girls some toy horses from her now grown girls. Molly immediately loved them and an obsession was born. The vintage "My Little Pony" collection at Grandma Fischers also has had its part in this obsession. She gallops around the house "neighing and blows air out when she's tired" its really hilarious.  So it was obvious a trip to the Zoo to ride the carousel would be a great birthday for her. Then we decided to invite our usual birthday party peeps. This was very fun and easy. The only set back was that her birthday landed on the same Saturday as the county library free day at the Zoo event. Yeah, super busy!! I didn't see very many animals, but Molly being small and sometimes with out manners squeezed in between and saw what she wanted. We unfortunately didn't keep all together as a group. This was impossible with the enormous amount of people. I would however do this again, the kids had a blast and Izzy slept the entire time. I will however check the Zoo event calendar online next time.

 she could have stayed all day on this horse

 sister love
 Teasing PopPop
 Cute as a button Ronan

Miss Brooklyn

Once we were home, she lined up all her new horses. Oh and found a pen to draw on herself.

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